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Designed for companies to quickly deliver and manage complex data science, AI and ML upskilling programs. Close the skills gap in your organization starting today!

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Beyond an LMS and LXP, There's Now an LXCP

The new LXCP has evolved from legacy learning platforms. meldR supports your workforce's technical training requirements and the management of your learning community. meldR connects the dots on a leaner's journey and provides features to manage all the details needed to run a top-notch in-house data science program.

Streamline administration demands and succeed

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Build a data science upskilling program quickly with entire pathways or individual courses that suit your company's unique requirements—plan for the critical, innovative resources your company needs to stay ahead.

Motivate and manage your learning community. Map out the skill sets within your company, identify your learners, skills, and departments to mobilize on-demand internal teams.

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Communications and marketing made easy! Communicate with and manage all your data science learners in one LXCP.

Gain insights and metrics on your workforce's skills acquisition and build tiger teams.

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Safeguard Your Training Data in an LXCP Built for Security

meldR is constructed to be compliant following all regulatory compliances for SaaS product development to protect  privacy, security, and data. We follow HIPAA-compliant software requirements, including HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act), GDPR, and PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act).

Manage all your upskilling requirements in one location

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meldR AI-created course slides and knowledge checks delivered via your internal instructor or choose our expert live instructor-led virtual delivery.

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Interact and collaborate with fellow learners, mentors and instructors for mutual support and guidance.

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Organize all your course requirements and program demands in one environment.

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Learners advance their career with cutting-edge data science, AI, MLOps, DevOps technologies, earning badges and certifications that reflect their success.

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The LXCP Difference: A Platform for Today's Workplace Learners

The missing component that the LXCP platform introduces into the digital learning ecosystem is the “C,” which stands for communication, collaboration, and community.

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