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The latest Data Science and web technology training is now one click away! You can take online courses in AI, Machine Learning, web development, and data visualization with live instructors in an interactive learning environment where you write real code.

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Live, Hands On Instruction

All courses have live online instructors and come with code-along notebooks so you can put what you’ve learned to work in guided exercises inside meldR — no external tools required. All of your course material, including your code, stays available so you can reference it at any time.

Discover the Right Pathway For You

Interested in branching out? meldR shows you how all of our courses are connected, so you can map out a path to the skills you need that fits your interests and experience.

Image of course pathways, including Big Data, Optimizing Ensemble Methods, Machine Learning Operations, Intro to MLOps Theory, Artificial Intelligence, and Intro to Neural Networks

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